Matera Rocks Essence

Inspired by the beautiful city of Matera to celebrate its role of European Cultural City 2019.

The idea behind the Essence

The Essence Matera Rocks (which represent the joke “Sassi di Matera”), is a tribute to the beauty of the City of Matera, capital of Culture 2019, and its strength lies in the first high notes
which summarize the uniqueness of the city itself.  In the complexity of the various smells, the citrus fragrance of the top notes prevails, which remains permanent or more than a whole day on the skin.
The spicy tail notes are very representative of the Mediterranean nature of Matera.

+28° Sud

Leda Di Marti’s new perfume is inspired by the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus), in fact +28° Sud is the lowest point of the constellation and was picked because Leda was born in the South of Italy, which means so much to her. The Swan constellation Swan is linked to the myth of Jupiter, the king of the gods, and Leda, wife of the king of Sparta, Tyndareus. Zeus falls in love with Leda, beautiful, but very independent, which does not give in to his courtship. Zeus decides to win her resistance by transforming himself in a swan. From their union four fundamental figures of the tradition of the Greek myth are born: Elena, of Troy, Clytemnestra, wife in second marriage of Agamennone, The Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux.
There are many variations of the myth, so Tindaro could be the father of Castor, Pollux and Clitemnestra, leaving to Elena the only divine lineage, since it is said that Leda lay with her husband Tindaro that same night of the meeting with Zeus.

The idea behind the Essence

Wonderful scent for a super chic woman, always on the trend.

Imago Veli

To exalt the beauty of every woman, a precious snippet of sunset on the desert always with you.

An exclusive collection, unique numbered pieces.

Imago Veli ® , an addictive fragrance, created in Italy, mystical mix of cedar and bergamot, with an aftertaste of talc and Middle Eastern spices for a lovely feeling of regeneration, completely enveloping. Ampoule designed and handcrafted for Martina Couture ®  in Murano by two brothers, C&B Cortella e Ballarin ®, master glass experts in blasting and hand-decorated in 24k gold, it is the result of careful research in exalting every golden reflection of the glass to recreate the atmosphere of the sunset on the desert. Martina Couture ® desires to let its guest to explore new sensation, combining to an exclusive Houte Couture style with the experience of an intense sense of warmth and comfort as in a lovely and unexpected timeless journey.