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20180417-Leda Di Marti Press Day LDN-314

Leda Di Marti

Leda Di Marti is a ready-to-wear 100% Made in Italy brand, founded in 2017, which represents the culture and artistic heritage of Southern Italy and is a bearer of values such as family, conviviality and genuineness.

The debut collection is the Spring/Summer 2018, it is full of brillant colours, soft shapes and particulary detailed to enhance womens bodies.

It tells a story of a sophisticated but fun woman, romantic and dreamer, who lives in a fairytale set in Southern Italy, Capri, Positano and all the Amalfi Coast.

The second collection, the Fall Winter, has instead been inspired not by a region, but by southern Italy more in a general sense, as a land. Although it should be emphasized work influence and inspiration due to Matera, which was the starting point.

The main themes are naturalistic and bucolic, accompanied by a strong link with the Mediterranean culture and mithological symbols, such as Leda’s name.

Leda Di Marti has her London press and commercial office based in Fulham, MercerKeeble PR.

The brand is now widespread in six stores in Italy, exclusively, for the first 2018 summer season.

The private showroom is in Milan, in Viale Piave, 9; and the creative HQ is in Milano, Viale Majno, 12.