spring summer 2019

“Resort Capri”

I dreamed of a trip in a warm morning, in mid-July, in the beautiful bay of Capri: salty skin, a glass of Rosé, a large wide-brimmed hat and around me, cradled by the sweet soothing motion of the boat, the great unknown the sea. If I close my eyes, I can still remember the enthralling sound of laughter among friends, the warm kisses, the breaking of the waves on the bow. I can imagine the sun that warms my skin, that sun that I always carry in my heart. Anyone who knows me knows that I could not live without light, synonymous of life, hope and warmth. Summer 2019 brings in it  that light: the colour that best represent the collection is sunny yellow. From this collection the LDM woman begins to define herself: a gritty, joyful and bubbly woman who lives an Italian dreamy lifestyle, all year, every day. The SS19 collection has all the features that will make your summer unforgettable: the cedar and bergamotˋs print will immerse you in the typical atmosphere of the Amalfi coast, welcoming and tempting; The second print, instead, will make you discover the two faces of my region, Calabria, to which it is dedicated: that of the earth, represented by the peppers of which it is home, embraces in a vortex that of the sea, the Mediterranean, with its creatures.