Summer brings great joy and energy but also awareness. This awareness was served to us as an unexpected bucket of cold water: the world is dying, and our only chance of saving it is by respecting and preserving its ecosystem. Everyone knew something about it, but such a revolutionary and complete action had never been requested. Last year the whole world opened its eyes to the reality of the present, but now we need to look to the future. In our own small way, at LDM we have become more aware too and have chosen only raw materials of natural origin (partly recycled) controlled, certified and traceable for the Summer 2020 collection. Our tags are not in paper, but in recycled material from the eyeglasses’ rods, with a mirror that makes them reusable, applied to a bag, like a real mirror. Our workforce is entirely Italian because the respect for traditions and for our sartorial excellence is a fundamental point of our DNA. The message of "Love a Dream" is not to waste and to buy with awareness, giving value to pieces that last over time and are to be collected. The collection is designed to be extremely versatile and interchangeable: for example, a laminated denim garment can be sporty when combined with a bomber jacket, for a day of shopping with friends, or have an aggressive and seductive soul when combined with a printed silk satin top, for an unforgettable night.