I laughed, cried, demolished, rebuilt, dreamed and hoped, but more than anything else, I shared many emotions with the women of my life. 2019 was a year of great research and personal and professional self- determination for us women with the #metoo movement. Victories and conquests, defeats and inadequacies, suffering and revenge, everything finally acquired value in 2019. I present this collection to you with a message: I hope that you will be strong, at all times, that you will face all the adversities of life with temperance; I hope that you will seek in others the respect you deserve, and that you will be the first to show yourself that respect. I wish that you can always stay tenacious, combative, to make big plans and never to be discouraged.  I want the Leda’s woman to have all these values, invincible and sweet, to know how to listen and to demand to be heard, to know how to love and to be lovable. I wish you to live a full life, without if and without but, without fear, but with prudence, with an open mind and a big heart. In the AW19 20 I lay bare: I’ll tell you who I am, simply Leda. Leda is the name of the queen of Sparta, wife of Tindarus. Her myth has been taken up by many artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Correggio, François Boucher. Zeus, transformed into a beautiful swan, seduced her and from their union, three eggs were born. The graphic representation of the egg motif is distinguishable in the jacquard fabric with red and dark purple tones; while in the other transparent organza base jacquard the swan's plumage is resumed. The print presents graphic signs depicting natural elements in ponds where the swan lives, and stylized wings of different poses. My heart can be found in every piece of this collection, with all its weaknesses and hopes.