Leda Di Marti is a ready-to-wear 100% Made in Italy brand, founded in late 2017, which represents the culture and artistic heritage of Mediterranean Italian way of style; and it is a bearer of values such as family, conviviality and genuineness.

LDM collections tell a story of a sophisticated but fun woman, romantic and dreamer, who lives in a fairytale such as in a never-ending Resort lifestyle mood.

The main themes are naturalistic and bucolic, accompanied by a strong link with the Mediterranean culture and mithological symbols, such as Leda’s name.

Find us

LDM’s Press office NYC/Milano/London: info@ledadimarti.com

LDM’s Retail Showroom NYC: Grand Showroom NYC. info@grandshowroomnyc.com

The private showroom is in Milan, in Viale Piave, 9; and the creative HQ is in Milano, Viale Majno, 12.