Leda di Marti is a ready-to-wear 100% made in Italy brand, founded in late 2017, which represents the culture and artistic heritage of the Mediterranean Italian fashion.

The brand is the bearer of values such as family, conviviality, genuineness, work, and self-determination.

LDM collections tell the story of a sophisticated but fun woman, leading a lifestyle worth dreaming about, as the protagonist of a neverending fairytale.

the main themes are naturalistic and bucolic, accompanied by a strong link with the Mediterranean culture and mythological symbols, such as Leda’s name.

Find us

LDM’s Press office NYC/Milano/London: info@ledadimarti.com

LDM’s Retail Showroom NYC: Grand Showroom NYC. info@grandshowroomnyc.com

The private showroom is in Milan, in Viale Piave, 9; and the creative HQ is in Milano, Viale Majno, 12.