Who is the LDM woman?

LDM launches a “Resort Lifestyle every day”. The LDM woman is a woman with a strong personality, which is defined by a precious aesthetic. She is a hard worker, dynamic, colorful, refined and independent. The LDM looks are beautiful and comfortable because the woman who wears them must feel at ease from morning to night, without giving in to compromises.

Is your brand environmentally sustainable?

LDM is a brand that pays attention to the quality of the supply chain, the waste of raw materials and  the respect for the work of its co-workers. The LDM products are produced in Italy by an Italian label , the raw materials are natural and when it is possible, they are of recycled and eco-sustainable origin. Every year LDM tries to make its own supply chain more and more respectful of the environment, focusing on the use of completely eco-friendly materials by 2021.

Where can I buy your products?

The garments and accessories of the LDM collections can be purchased in the stores present in the SHOPS section https://www.ledadimarti.com/shops/ and at our Avvenice online shop https://avvenice.com/it/336_leda-di-marti

To find out if we will be in a shop near you soon, do not hesitate to contact us at info@ledadimarti.com, specifying in the object: Information on the store. We try to respond to everyone as soon as possible.

I can't find what I'm looking for, how can I contact you?

For any information you do not find answers in the website, please contact us at the email address: info@ledadimarti.com. We try to respond to everyone as soon as possible.