autumn winter 2018

“Matera Rocks”

My story has deep and ancient roots, I could never have started my journey in fashion, if I had not celebrated in my first collection all the smells and tastes of my childhood. The inspiration for the Fall Winter 2018-19 collection is my land, the South of Italy, which fully represents my values ​​and those of the LDM brand: hospitality, vivacity, conviviality, authenticity, and carefree. The two patterns that I draw are dedicated to the city of Matera, capital of European Culture 2019, which deserves such a great honor After the thousand sorrows itˋs been trough. In fact, in the prickly pear print, there is a cameo of the fascinating Stones of Matera; in the second pomegranates are represented instead, fruits typical of the Mediterranean. Nature is an essential part of my research as a stylist; I am fascinated by its absolute imperfect beauty, pure and simple, which dictates absolute rules of proportion for human creations. We will never stop trying to imitate her. My studies of shapes and materials have always been ispired by this great love: for this reason, in my designs I start from a particular point to reach the final vision of the single piece and of the collection.