Who’s Leda?

Leda takes her name from the wife of Tindaro, queen of Sparta known for her beauty, main character of one of the most fascinating myths of the Greek-Roman tradition.

She was born in an ancient medieval village, in the north of Calabria, land between two seas: Tyrrhenian and Ionian.

The combination of land and sea can be found in all of her collections and takes life in her patterns.

Her story

At the age of 21, after finishing her studies of Costume and Fashion in Rome, Leda is in Bologna, working for one of the most ancient and prestigious Tailors of the city; here, experimenting everyday with the most refined couture tailoring techniques, she finds her inspiration in the world of High Fashion.

She moved to London later on, where she had the chance to design for Ms. Terracciano, wife of the Italian ambassador in London, for whom Leda creates clothes for important events such as the Queen Elizabeth II’s Tea Garden party.

Since 2015 Leda has been living in New York, where in 2019 she found the perfect showroom for LDM brand.

In 2018 Leda Launched her first showroom in Milan.